“Motivated by the guiding principle of Christian charity, we seek to find those in need, to help them in a spirit of justice and to tackle poverty where we can.”

Our aim is to tackle poverty in all its forms through the provision of practical assistance to those in need.

The concept of need is broader than financial hard-ship, so visiting people who are sick, lonely, in prison, or suffering from addiction is also a significant proportion of our work. The essence of our work is person-to-person contact and spending time with people is our greatest gift.

Our 10,000 volunteer members, motivated by their faith, are committed to meaningful and long term befriending. Inspired by the message of the Gospels they seek and find those in need and offer them sincere friendship. They visit them in their homes, in hospital and in care homes on a regular basis and offer additional practical support such as food, furniture or financial help where needed.

We offer friendship and practical help to all we visit, without regard to faith, ethnicity, status or sexual orientation. As we visit people in their homes we have strict safeguarding policies and procedures and all visiting members must hold a DBS certificate.

The St Vincent de Paul Society (S.V.P.) in our parish has continued through the pandemic to work and come to the aid of people in need. They have not been able to hold any collections, so if you would like to contribute to their essential voluntary work, please put your donation in an envelope marked S.V.P. and take it to St Joseph’s church where it will be passed onto the S.V.P. Thank you for your generosity.