Second Sunday of Lent

First Reading – Genesis 22:1-2.9-13.15-18

In the Book of Genesis, we listen to the story of Abraham’s sacrifice of his son Isaac. This was a test of Abraham’s faith in God who then made him the father of many nations. Abraham is seen as a great leader in many different faiths and religions throughout the world today.

Second Reading – St.Paul to the Romans 8:31-34.

St.Paul tells the people of Rome that God did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for the life of everyone. The reading reminds us of God’s great love for us by giving us his only Son.

Gospel Reading – Mark 9:2-10.

We hear the great story of the Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor. Jesus reveals hi godly nature whilst joined by Moses and Elijah, who represent the Law ns the prophets of the Old Testament. The disciples are told not to say anything about this until “the Son of Man has risen from the dead.”

Psalter: Week 2
Readings for Weekdays: Week 2 of Lent