Bereavement Care Teams

The Teams offer support to anyone who has been bereaved, either recently or in the past.  We send a sympathy card to the bereaved and, where possible, we attend the funerals.  After the funeral, we make contact either by phone or by letter, explaining how we can help, should that be necessary, and offering to pay the bereaved a visit. Visits are continued for as long as needed.

Besides visiting, we send cards on the anniversary of death, probably for the first two years, and we send Easter and Christmas cards.

Names of the deceased are included in Books of Remembrance and we have a Bethany Group which has meeting a few times during the year.  These meetings sometimes take the form of prayers, readings, music and time for sharing experiences for those who wish. Light refreshments are always available. Alternatively, we go out to see a play, or to a concert, or we may meet at the local Tea Rooms to enjoy a tea/coffee and cake, or something more substantial.

Many people find they are well supported by their family and friends, but our contact reassures them that we are there for them should they need us at any point in the future.