In the next few weeks we are hoping to re-open St.Richard’s Church in Atherton, obviously when the present Lockdown is officially over and when the Church is given the go-ahead to re-open all the churches. St.Richard’s has been closed now since March. The issue for St.Richard’s is that there is only one door – at the time of re-opening all the churches needed to use a separate door for entrance and exit. The proposal to re-open St.Richard’s, along with the rest of the churches in the Deanery for that matter, is subject to getting the go-ahead from the Health & Safety department of the Archdiocese, who are acting on behalf of the Archbishop. As soon as we receive any further news – and a date for re-opening ALL the churches – we will let you know.

In preparation for that time, we will need a number of stewards to help at each Mass. At first we are going to have Mass on Sunday morning at 9.30am. More Masses will be introduced soon after, depending on the number of those attending and on how many helpers we have. A number of people have already volunteered in the past. If you would still like to help at St.Richard’s please contact Fr.Paul Seddon on 01942-883395 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.