Most weeks there may well be a number of feast days. We don’t necessarily celebrate them all. Some saints are more important in certain parts of the country than others and will be celebrated more on a local level, whilst other saints will be celebrated everywhere. So each week we will comment on the feast-days that we should celebrate in our regional Church.

Monday October 26th – St.Chad & St.Cedd.

St.Chad and St.Cedd were brothers and were educated on Lindisfarne, Holy Island, under St.Aidan. Cedd was the founder of many different monasteries. He was sent as a bishop to evangelise the East Saxons. He died of the plague at his monastery in Lastingham. Chad, his brother, was Abbot of Lastingham and was sent as bishop to Mercia, where he founded the See of Lichfield. Holiness of life, outstanding humility and dedication to preaching the Gospel are attributed to Chad. Both saints brought many people to the faith during a difficult time for the Church.

Wednesday October 28th – St.Simon & St.Jude.

Simon, called either the “Canaanite” or the “Zealot” disappears from history after Pentecost. One Eastern source gives Odessa as the place of his death, but Western tradition says that he first preached the Gospel in Egypt then joined Jude in Persia where they suffered martyrdom together. Jude is usually identified as the author of the letter in the News Testament bearing his name.