As we enter the last week of the Season of Creation, we are invited to give thanks to God for the gift of creation and the fruits of the earth which sustain us. Many churches and schools do this through Harvest Festivals – bringing the fruits of the earth and the work of human hands and sharing these offerings with those in need.  In  the  UK,  for  the  last  sixty  years,  the  Catholic  Church  has  marked  harvest  time  by  observing CAFOD’s Harvest Fast Day on the first Friday in October. So, this coming Friday, 1 October, we are invited to give thanks by going without a meal or some form of amusement and giving what we save  in  this  way  to  CAFOD.  CAFOD  uses  our  offerings  to  help  those  across the world who don’t have  access  to  the  fruits  of  the  earth  because  of  extreme  poverty,  food  shortages,  conflicts  and
    natural disasters.  
    You can find out more about this Friday’s Fast Day here: https://cafod.org.uk/Fundraise/Family-Fast-Day
  • Food Banks
    Although St Gabriel’s Food Bank is well stocked, the SVP of our parish are supporting the Leigh & Atherton Food Bank. Donations of food are encouraged directly to them to support those in need in our local community. Alternatively donations can be left at Holy Family
  • Church Hall Development at Holy Family
    This will cause some disruption to both parish and school as parking will be reduced and at times there will be no access at all as the project goes forward. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we will no doubt enjoy and benefit greatly from new facilities and a proper car park.
    An environmentally sustainable lifestyle: Let us pray that we all will make courageous choices, the choices necessary for a simple and environmentally sustainable lifestyle, taking inspiration from our young people who are resolutely committed to this.
  • Mass on the Phone - Parishioners who have no access to the internet and so are unable to watch online Mass may hear Mass at Middlesbrough Cathedral. The Mass is provided free of charge, except for the local phone charge. Phone: 01642 130 120 to be connected to the Mass for that week. You can listen at any time of day or night.
    If you are aware of anyone who may benefit from this service, please let them know.