Staff and volunteers of Caritas, Diocese of Salford, are now playing an active role in supporting Afghan nationals who have been evacuated to the UK. They are also preparing for those refugees and asylum seekers who are likely to make their own way to the UK from Afghanistan over the following weeks and months.

Staff are co-ordinating closely with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and collaborating with other local and national agencies.  Based on the latest identified needs of refugees accommodated in temporary provision on their arrival, you can help by donating the items listed on the Caritas website These can be delivered to a number of the Caritas services where staff will arrange for them to be transferred to those in need now and in the coming weeks and months. Alternatively, you may be able to give a donation to support the work of Caritas

Please visit the CAFOD website – – to find out about CAFOD's response.
There is also another website,, who are directly helping the refugees who are already in this country at the moment.