Please refer to the individual Parish Newsletters for Mass and Service times.

Guidance has been received from the Archdiocese allowing a lessening of restrictions. However, after consultation with stewards and others it has been decided that we will cautiously remain as we are for the summer. This is because of very high transmission rates in our local area. Some of the Covid restrictions will continue in Churches, though these may vary between churches in the deanery….

  • Face coverings will remain mandatory for all those attending a church service.
  • Social distancing will not be mandatory any longer – though churches may create space for those who feel more vulnerable.
  • Hand sanitising will remain necessary as people arrive.
  • The capacity of each church for ALL services will depend on the space available.
  • Holy Communion will be restored to its traditional place in the Mass (please continue to follow the directions of the stewards who will invite you forward row by row)
  • Holy Communion under both kinds will not be re-introduced at this time.
  • Mass will end in the traditional way.
  • Singing can be restored.
  • Hymn books and service sheets can be used but only ONCE A DAY.
  • The collection basket should NOT be passed around – please leave your collection as you leave church.

Further details may emerge in the coming weeks.

From next weekend there will no longer be a booking system. However, stewards will remain to assist parishioners in being seated as safely as possible, and directing people during Communion.
The last year has been most difficult and I thank parishioners for their understanding as myself and the stewards have tried to keep everyone safe by following the systems of one way and allocated seating which has been challenging at times.
Face masks will continue to be required to be worn unless medically exempt, and I point out recent changes in government guidelines that state that visors do not offer any protection unless worn with a face mask so face masks are what is stated to be worn in places of worship.


(The Sacrament of Reconciliation) is available by request or by appointment, following social distancing guidelines.

With regard to singing in church, no advice has yet been given about a change in regulations already made.