VOLUNTEERS TO STEWARD AND CLEAN THE CHURCH NEEDED – thanks to those who have come forward so far. Anyone who is interested (aged 70 and under with no health conditions) please attend a meeting to go through what is needed on Thursday 9th July at 7pm at Holy Family.

From the 6th July churches will be allowed to open for Mass and other services following guidelines and preparations from the archdiocese, and only once safety measures are in place and approved by the diocese. At this stage we are only permitted to open one church in each parish which in St Margaret Clitherow will be Holy Family. Fr Paul has asked to open St Ambrose and is awaiting a response. The number allowed in church will be restricted and work will continue to be done to
prepare this over the coming week.
The Sunday obligation to attend Mass is still suspended for the time being. Please be patient as our greatest concern is the safety of everyone.

Mass will continue to be livestreamed as below.

First public Masses will be on Sunday 12th July at 9am (earlier time to allow for cleaning before next Mass) and 11am at Holy Family. If you wish to attend you will need to contact the parish office by phone or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. FROM WEDNESDAY with names and numbers coming from each household and a telephone contact number. This information is required for contact tracing. Places will be confirmed by either email or phone. Places will be allocated according to distancing and it may not be possible to fit everyone in who applies for places. The archbishop suggests that as the Sunday obligation is not in place people may wish to attend a weekday Mass instead of the Sunday. From the week beginning 12th July there will be initially a public 7pm Mass on Wednesdays. This is hoped to be extended to other days but is dependent on volunteers to steward (aged 70 and under with no health conditions).

Mass on the internet: YouTube link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdiZm6Nq-14daTz6Q9ZcRLQ This is also on Facebook on the page titled ‘Parish of St Margaret Clitherow, Leigh’. The Sunday 9.30am Mass (9.00am Mass from 12th July) will be broadcast and for those who can access it the video will remain to be watched anytime afterwards if you miss it live. Where possible daily Masses will be broadcast and other prayer services which can also be watched and participated in at any time later.
Rosary and Benediction will continue to be broadcast on Sundays at 3pm.