Celebrating Mass Together Again

Churches are now allowed to open for the celebration of Mass. The Archbishop’s cautious approach is to request that, for the time being, for a two-church parish, one church will be open.

St Joseph’s will be open for the celebration of Mass. I would like to open Sacred Heart Church as soon as possible but have been advised that we must concentrate on opening one Church at a time.

There will be a slight increase in the numbers allowed into church but for the safety of everyone, we can only allow a limited number into each Mass. I ask you please be patient as our greatest concern is the safety of everyone during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Sunday Mass Obligation has not been reinstated by the Bishops, so don’t feel you are expected to come

To book a place at either the 4.30pm or 9.30am Sunday Mass, please contact Jacqui either by email or phone from Wednesday to 3.00pm on Friday. We cannot take any bookings after those deadlines. If you so wish, you can turn up before Mass but if we reach our capacity, you will be turned away.

As you walk up to the main doors, the steward will ask you to read the signage. Please form a queue and keep two metres apart outside and inside the church. Please note that a face covering must be worn and stewards will continue to guide and help you.

Holy Communion will be distributed after the final blessing. To help us in keeping you safe, a steward will invite you, one at a time, to come forward to the priest to receive the Lord. Please bring your belongings with you as you will not be able to go back to your place afterwards. After you have received Holy Communion, please exit the church through the side door, sanitising your hands as you leave.

Mass will continue to be livestreamed on sites such as (churchservices.tv, Facebook and YouTube (Fr. Paul Grady) and stcatherineandallsaints.co.uk (Fr. Gordon).

A short video has been produced that you may find helpful as we begin to cautiously open our Churches (click here to view).

I am most grateful to all our stewards who have given their time to enable you to come to Mass; our church would not be able to open without them. They may ask you to do something you do not want to do or ask you to sit in a place you do not normally sit. Remember they have received their instructions directly from the guidelines issued by the Archdiocese. These are in place to keep us safe and well from Covid-19.

It will be great to celebrate Mass with you again and although Archbishop Malcolm continues to remind us that things will be different and they will not be the same as before the pandemic we continue our journey of faith together with our loving God, Our Blessed Lady, St Joseph and our Guardian Angels and the words that Jesus speaks to us at this time of uncertainty: ‘Do not be afraid’ and ‘Peace be with you.’

Keeping you all in prayer . Fr. Kieran