18th Sunday of the Year (A)


In today's Gospel we hear the miracle of the loaves and the fishes which are used to feed a vast crowd of people to the full with food left over.


Give us this day
our daily bread
and in accepting your gift
may we understand the generosity of your love for us
so that we may go on to share your abundance with others.



Do we live within our means or do we overspend and over buy things just because we can? Do we end up throwing food away because we have bought too much and it has gone stale or rotten? This week let us take measures to ensure that we only buy what we need so that we are not depriving others through our greed.


It's easy to share with those we love or who are known to us, but it is the unseen of this world who really need our help. Can we make an effort this week to share our abundance with others?


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