Palm Sunday (A)


Listening to the Passion of Jesus, we are all able to identify to some extent with the different  people who appear in the Gospel. The end event leads us to wonder at the love that God has for us to send his Son to be our saviour. And the total commitment of Jesus to live his life fully to the end trusting in God's promise of love and redemption.


I stand before you, O Lord.

I see your body twisted and bloody in agony,

I hear you gasping for breath,

Your face is ravaged with pain.

I look in your eyes

And I see love.....

Forgive me Lord,

I am a sinner


Act with kindness and consideration to those you may encounter - give people plenty of space so that they do not feel threatened or fearful of your presence.


What are you thankful for? Take the time to identify small moments of thankfulness - these can add up and become an outpouringof thanksgiving for all that IS good in the world, even in these moments of darkness.

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