In today's Gospel, Jesus promises the Holy Spirit to guide his disciples in their mission to spread th Good News. It is the presence of the Holy Spirit acting within each of us that makes the Church a living, dynamic entitybased on Jesus's teachings rather than an inactive community locked in the past.


may the presence of your Holy Spirit in our lives 
fill us with the courage and wisdom
to share the love and joy we have received
through your son, Jesus, the Lord

Today is Communications Sunday. How can you communicate with others the Good News that God loves us so much that he sent his son, Jesus, to save each of us through His Death and Resurrection?

Monthly Challenge

An interesting challenge for May which I read recently is to forego cutting your grass at home in a 'No Mow May'. This will allow wild flowers (some may call them weeds!) to grow and help to support our native bee population which is at risk. If the thought of this fills you with horror, an alternative compromise would be to just cut some areas and leave other areas of grass to grow at will.

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